State Bridge Partners | About Us

State Bridge Partners is a boutique wealth management solutions firm headquartered in Hong Kong. Our philosophy is based on principles of integrity, service and expertise and it is our mission to simplify your financial life. Our senior management possess a wealth of knowledge across the financial spectrum who combine investment management and holistic planning to provide cutting-edge wealth management solutions for our clients.

With State Bridge Partners, we administer a tailor-made approach to wealth management, which involves meticulous financial planning designed solely for you every step of the way. We start by analyzing your life and highlight your values, goals, and aspirations. With clarity, we begin the building process, working to balance all of your assets to compliment your lifestyle. With superior management comes confidence and this is the reason why our client relationships span generations.

State Bridge Partners senior management and personal advisors possess a wealth of financial expertise which enables us to provide solutions to any individual requirements. Our mission is to assist you in achieving your financial goals and aspirations, and because of this, State Bridge Partners has taken a lead position in the wealth management industry in the region.

With global markets becoming more and more complex, we continue to evolve with the times, designing new products and services to meet the ever growing demands of our clients.