State Bridge Partners | Balanced Approach

Here at State Bridge Partners, our research team works around the clock to analyze strategies and trends. Our balanced strategy is a preferred method by the majority of our clients to tailor their portfolios on. Our balanced strategy is constructed to generate longer term growth while also administering a regular income from dividends and interest.

State Bridge Partners balanced strategy is more flexible and exposes clients to a lower reduced level of risk which many clients feel suits their tolerance level the best.

State Bridge Partners asset allocation between stocks and bonds, investment grade and high yield bonds, and between growth and blue chip stocks, can be tailor-made to fulfill the requirements of each individual client. The precise allocation in and between classes will fluctuate over a period of time due to opportunities that may unexpectedly occur, recalculation of risk levels or because of the current market conditions.

Our balanced strategy is continuously managed on a regular basis and will accommodate individual stocks and bonds, funds and index funds coupled with varying levels of cash and equivalent balances.