State Bridge Partners | Our Management

Mark Richardson - Chairman

Mark has a wealth of financial experience spanning over 30 years and joined State Bridge Partners in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer before becoming Chairman in 2012. Mark was previously a financial advisor and investment manager, having worked in the past for AIG Global Investments, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan before joining State Bridge Partners.

Mark’s career is distinguished by excellent revenue growth, streamlining and increased levels of client satisfaction, coupled with the vast knowledge and experience he has gained over the years of investing in many different industries. He has brought a level of excellence to State Bridge Partners.

Mr. Richardson holds a Masters degree in Investment Banking from the City University of Seattle.


Steven Liu - Chief Executive Officer

Steven Liu joined State Bridge Partners in 2009 as Chief Investment Officer and has since gone on to become Chief Executive Officer. Steven is the chairperson of the Board of Investment and possesses a unique skill-set and way of thinking, and the positive vibe he brings has rubbed off on all the State Bridge Partners family.

Steven oversees the daily functions of the firm. He is also responsible for overseeing the investment management functions of all of State Bridge Partners’ senior portfolio managers.

Prior to joining State Bridge Partners, Mr. Liu worked for the Bank of China and HSBC respectively holding investment related roles, including private equity, real estate and global equity markets.

Mr. Liu holds a MBA in Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Alison Chen - Chief Financial Officer

Alison is a finance graduate from the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing and joined State Bridge Partners in 2008. Alison has over 15 years of experience in the investment management industry and was also a broker for the China Beijing Equity Exchange leading their corporate finance team.

Alison is responsible for growing State Bridge Partners’ investment service for institutions, corporations and individuals, and developing new partnerships around the world and expanding the State Bridge Partners global capabilities. Her wealth of experience provides cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.


Patrick O’Flaherty - Chief Communications Officer

Patrick’s career began in the manufacturing industry as a production manager before moving to Hong Kong into the wealth management industry.

Prior to joining State Bridge Partners, Patrick had stints with Citi Bank and United Overseas Bank, bringing his operational experience in helping to turnaround and increase value of a large number of their acquisition companies.

Patrick is a key member of State Bridge Partners senior management and is involved with the day-to-day operations and with his wealth of international experience Patrick provides valuable input into implementing new ideas and strategies.

Patrick earned his Bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture in Dublin, Ireland.