State Bridge Partners | Our Services

State Bridge Partners’ method to investment management goes through a meticulous process and begins by pinpointing every one of our clients’ personal situation, needs and ultimate objectives in life. We take into account the following fundamental areas to construct a portfolio designed to complement your lifestyle:

  • Present financial situation
  • Liquidity
  • Personal assets
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Tax issues
  • Risk tolerance

Once we have determined the client’s profile, we revise our investment plan and approach with you so that you fully comprehend our portfolio structuring method. State Bridge Partners cutting-edge advisors will design an intricate investment plan tailor-made to work hand-in-hand with your individual requirements to ultimately achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

State Bridge Partners objective focused investing is to determine asset allocation in line with your financial requirements, which also involves elements such as your tolerance to risk and time horizon. Our thorough process administers a clear and concise path towards your goals.

Our advisors will determine your strategic investment plan through a detailed analysis of portfolio building that uses a vast array of investment tools. State Bridge Partners also has a brokerage unit which provides clients with a number of customized services to strengthen your investment strategy.

We deploy a modern portfolio approach, based on the principle that for every level of risk that exists, it is possible to build a portfolio that will produce the required returns for you. Short term strategies are predominantly liquid managed portfolios to provide very stable returns. These will be used as either part of a long term strategy or safeguard your capital in times of market turbulence.