State Bridge Partners | Trust & Estate Planning

Here at State Bridge Partners, we believe that you are the architect of your legacy. Planning for the future is of paramount importance and State Bridge Partners leave no stone unturned in making the right decisions when it comes to planning for your financial future.  We offer a vast array of estate and trust services in order to achieve your goals for today and the future.

Trusts are well established and extremely flexible mechanisms to help you to ensure that the success you have worked hard to achieve, can be protected, preserved and passed on as you intend.

Every trust and estate we manage is as unique as the families we serve. Regardless of the complexity of trust and estate planning, we possess a team of expert professionals to put you on the right path and transfer of wealth across generations.

When it comes to trusts and estate planning, our philosophy is to take care of future generations, now. Administering a trust and settling an estate can be very complex, which is why it is of paramount importance that you need to plan ahead of time.

State Bridge Partners professional team of advisors can help you through this process and create a plan with the utmost in discretion and efficiency which is determined by the following factors:

  • Analysis of your current estate and wealth transfer plans
  • Review of your existing will, trusts, and other estate documents
  • Consultation with your estate attorney
  • Review of all asset ownership, titles and beneficiary designations
  • Assistance in transferring assets to your living trust or other trusts
  • Providing guidance on estate settlement in the event of the death of a loved one